Drive has devtype = NERO_SCSI_DEVTYPE_UNSUPPORTED_WORM, although it works in Nero


I have a new DVD-writer in my computer (PHILIPS DVD±RW DVD8631), and it is recognized when I start Nero. I can also write on it using the Nero application.
However, my application doesn’t work with it, because the drive has devtype = NERO_SCSI_DEVTYPE_UNSUPPORTED, and I check that a drive is a writer by comparing the devtype to the NERO_SCSI_DEVTYPE_WORM constant.
What does this mean ? Do I need an update of Nero ? Why does the Nero COM object tell me that it is unsupported ?

If I ignore this in my application, and I try to use it, burning fails (see my last post).

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This problem was fixed in the just-released version. Nero now indicates that the devtype is NERO_SCSI_DEVTYPE_WORM.