Drive hangs?



What is happening here? I have a Plextor 40x SCSI CDRom drive and I was trying to do DAE on a CD, using EAC. I started having read errors towards the end of the last song on the CD, and then the drive HANGS, requiring powering down the whole computer to get it back. I then tried using Plextools and the same thing happened. The thing hangs and I have to power down the computer to even eject the CD. What is causing this? I then took the CD in question over to my other machine that has a Liteon DVD drive, and I was successful in the DAE with EAC. The Liteon drive was able to recover the errors and no hangs. What’s wrong with my Plexi? Thanks.


Since you have another system, could you try the drive there? It may be a broken drive but we can’t be sure until you try the drive in another system…


Thanks for the suggestion, but the “broken” Plexi is a SCSI drive. The other system has only IDE.


Yeah I was afraid of that… In your problem description you mention that the drive locks up with one particular CD which has errors on it. When you use a different audio/data CD does the same behaviour occur?


Exellent suggestion, thanks. Let me try to find another audio CD that has a problem, and try to rip the thing and see what happens.

Strange, the errors on that CD weren’t that bad, the Liteon drive and EAC were able to recover everything, although it did also show there was a problem. The fact that the Plexi drive itself hangs up (not the computer or the DAE application software) really bothers me.


The drive shouldn’t lock up when the errors are not that bad. It will be interesting to see what happens with a good audio CD…


With a good audio CD, the thing works like it should. No hangs. EAC rips the thing quickly and my personal backup copy is burned without any problems. The problem happened only when the audio CD had problems causing read errors. I’m still trying to find another CD with problems…