Drive frozen by 712A105.exe

Hi. I upgraded my PX-712A firmware using 712A105.exe but it caused the drive to freeze when opening Plextools. Tried rebooting and running PXInfo.exe froze as well and XP wouldn’t shutdown. Had to downgrade using 712A104.exe and Plextools and PXInfo now run fine. Any ideas?

Known issue. Update PTP to 2.17. Should clear it.

Thanks, bob11879. But I’ve tried both PTP216UEN.exe (2 weeks ago) and PTP217UEN.exe (yesterday), same problem.

Dunno then, unless you have some other conflict. The problem with 2.16 was when general info was selected in the software. Maybe is some other problem Plextor is not aware of??

Maybe. I’ll try again when the new firmware is out. If the problem doesn’t go away I’ll report to Plextor. Thanks.