Drive Freezes

I have a DVD-R, 1-4x that I was given by my friend. It has on it twenty-five episodes of the show Bleach in .avi format, files, not DVD-playable.

When I put it in my computer, the drive freezes, and can’t be used at all.

Please help.

This can be caused by a lot of reasons.
Have you tried the disc in another drive?
Which drive are you using?
Which brand is the disc?
Have you enabled DMA?
I’m sure others know more than me…

Check your jumpers (Just a thought you most likely did this)

Master/Slave/Cable Sel

2] Check in system properties, see if the drive has a conflict or error code listed by it.

3] If you have access to a second machine try the drive in it :slight_smile:

Will it play on any computer? If so then trouble shoot yours. Make sure you have a media player installed.

The computer I have is the Compaq Presario S5040AN et cetera:

I tried the disc on another of the same computer, with the same result. When I tried it on this computer, however, it worked well.



Use dvdinfo or nero cd dvd speed or dvd.identifier and try to let the drive recognize/read/scan it.

Any program associated with the drive freezes and doesn’t respond at all when the DVD is inserted.