Drive Fitness Test Error Codes

Hi, could somebody please give me a short translation of what the answer to the “Disposition Code = 0x72” is? Even though I do speak german :bigsmile: I can’t really tell what the heck you guys are talking about…

The IBM Fitness Test gave me that error and this is the ONLY link google could find about it.

(My problem is, btw, that my motherboard seems to eat hard drives for breakfast. 5 drives in 2 months (one of them brand new) won’t work properly anymore, one of them is returning this error (it a Maxtor 96147U8, 60GB).

Thank you in advance!

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To answer your question. Look at page 31 of the manual where it says :

Error Code and first aid for your drive

The following table defines all the currently supported DFT error codes. For example if during testing of your hard drive DFT reports a error code of 0x70 as shown on page 14, this indicates that your hard disk drive has problems reading one or more of its sectors. In most of these cases the drive can heal itself of these errors. To do this first back-up all your data from the problem drive ( if possible ) then run DFT again and select either the Erase Disk or Sector Repair option which is under the Utility heading. If you already have a backup of the data on the hard disk or the data isn’t important you can opt to run Erase Disk/Sector Repair from the Test Result screen. Once the selected operation has completed you can then run one of the test options Quick or Advance to confirm that the drive has been healed. The result code, which should be displayed, is 0x00 if the test returns another code then you should check with your drive/system vendor if the drive can be return for warranty replacement.

download and run the powermax diagnostic software from maxtor’s web site. Its a drive diagnostic software specifically designed for maxtor drives.

If your drive is bad it will even give you an error code for maxtor that you can put on a form and rma it with them for another drive (i had to do this with a 17.2 gb one and thye gave me a brand new 20gb one)

Personally although it might mean something is bad i tend to want to run the manufacturers drive diagnostic rather than a default one like ibm

Powermax (maxtor’s) is good for Maxtors and Quantum hard drives
Seatools (seagate) is good for Seagate (obviously)
WDdiag (western digitial diagnostics) is goood for most western digitals (although their newer diagnostic software doesnt’ support some of their older drives

Dont remember one for Toshiba hard drives though

@ Mr. Belvedere: Thanks for the welcome and for moving the topic. I knew I was wrong there (not being Dutch and all. :wink: ) but that looked like my only hope.

@ LordOberon: Thank you for the tip, I’ll check it asap.

It’s really weired. Windows keeps crashing (or has hickups when installed on the onboard Promise controller), my 60GB reports itself as a 30GB all of a sudden (also in other MBs), other drives just make a clicking sound.
I’ve had quite some experience assembling and repairing computers throughout the years, but this one is giving me a real headache.

DFT Error Code 0x72 Device S.M.A.R.T. Error
The Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) has detected a drive problem. The Drive may fail soon and should be replaced as soon as possible.

You probably have a bad PSU (I would bet on this one) or faulty motherboard, as for error codes I wouldnt scan a Maxtor drive with Hitachi’s Diagnostic utility simple because it may be inaccurate.

Revived from 2004? If the drive was wobbly then, it’s either replaced or dead as a dodo now!