Drive emulator that does *not* use SPTD?

I removed Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120% from my system during my sprint of CD archiving with Exact Audio Copy. Without getting into the details, it works better with my Plextor drive to not have any program that uses SPTD installed.

At the moment I don’t care about secure emulation for games - I just want the ability to quickly mount a CD/DVD image in a virtual drive letter. Is there an alternative out there which does not use the DuplexSecure SCSI Pass Through Direct driver?


use PowerISO , no SPTD 100% (i use it so i know),it uses its own driver and its virtual drive is quite stable and works well , it doesnt support any emulation but thats fine for me cuz i dont need it

That’s what I needed to know. Thank you.


Old Daemon Tools 3.47 ?

As far as I know sptd driver was introduced in dtools 4 so using old dtools like J7N suggested should do the job.

Virtual Clone Drive is great and it’s free:

Well, of all the choices I went with Daemon Tools 3.47. It worked the best. PowerISO didn’t interfere with EAC but it’s drive also isn’t recognized in EAC. Virtual Clone Drive by Elby just screwed up EAC and didn’t allow me to save my settings, for some reason.


Bump, same request here.

But I don’t want to use DT v3.47. I was going to install VCD, but since valnar reported problems with EAC, that’s not an option anymore.

I [B]don’t[/B] care for emulating copy-protections [B]at all[/B]! I rather have a clean and bug-free emulation driver that doesn’t interfere with ASPI and SPTI, than a feature I have no use for.

Mounting CUE/BIN and other formats would be nice, but it’s also definitely not a must. If it only supports ISO that’s fine.

So here’s a list of what’s a must:

[ul][li]Freeware. [B]No[/B] Shareware (I don’t like crippleware/nagware)!
[/li][li]clean driver, that doesn’t screw up SPTI and (Nero) ASPI
[/li][li]ISO is the thing I desperately need[/ul]
Here’s a list of would-be-nices:

[ul][li]Free and open source sorftware
[/li][li]“Complete” emulation of an optical drive. The driver is able to emulate a drive that has the same features and is not distinguishable from a real CD/DVD-reader. Because ripping with EAC is also one thing I might be wanting to do.
[/li][*]Other image formats and BIN/CUE or even WAV/CUE would be really cool for converting them to ISO images.[/ul]

If you can make do with JUST .iso

The Microsoft (unsupported) Virtual CD-ROM - this walks through it a little.

At least, it shouldn’t be using fancy extra drivers.

Daemon Tools 3.47 does use SPTD.sys.
Actually I was having a lot of random freezes due to conflict between sptd and
nvidia drivers (and possibly intel chipset drivers) but only with some of my asus and gigabyte boards. Having no trouble with sptd does not mean it’s free of bugs.
These random freezes look so like hardware failures that you may think to RMA your board.
DON’T do it - just see how your system behaves without sptd and then decide.
Don’t forget to do “SPTDxxxx.exe remove” after you uninstall daemon tools/Alcohol.