Drive door locking tool

is there a tool that i can use, to lock the drive door, so that kids around do not insert wierd items in it?

The only tool I’m aware of is “SHUTDOWN”. It locks the door. :iagree:

LOL harley :slight_smile:
And anyway, whatever tool you find, it will stop working when the machine is rebooted. I have seen such tools, but only as a feature of a much larger system, so I cannot help too much, but I can tell you about that limitation.

If you are willing to get a new case, which is not too expensive but may be daunting in the fact you ned to move all internal hardware over, you can buy them with a lockable door that covers the drives.

If you do find a tool like Shutdown, put it’s shortcut in the All Users Startup directory, and it will kick in after every reboot. Just be shure you’re the Administrator and others don’t have permission to change this, even in Safe Mode reboot. P.

on the other hand there are pc cases that have front door locking ,thermaltake soprano for example