Drive doesn't see DVD, "No disc in drive"

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I’ve backed up my dvd movies for a couple years now, so I’m not totally new to this, but I can’t figure out what’s happening.

I have several DVDs that are simply not found by the drive. When I close the tray it spins up and “thinks” for a minute before stopping and says there is no disc present.
I have an older Lite-On and a brand new Pioneer that both do the same thing. (Sorry, no model numbers right now as I’m not at that computer.)

Even more troubling, several of my backed up movies are doing the same thing. They were burned on the Lite-On, but now don’t even show up when put in.


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Could be a media quality problem. Please download CD-DVD Speed, fire it up and put one of the problem discs in the drive. Under the ‘Disc Info’ tab, what appears…?

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Most of times this is due to a low quality disc. With time, these discs become unreadable.

What discs are you using?

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Sorry, I should have been more clear.

The problem exists with both retail pressed originals and burned back ups. Although, some of each will still work.

I’ll try CD-DVD Speed when I get home in a couple hours though.

AnyDVD just says the drive is empty.

oops… It could be that the standalone player is getting old.

To exclude a damaged disc (both the burned and the pressed ones) can you test your problematic discs on another standalone?

My guess was that my 2.5 year old Lite-On drive was full of cat fur. (The PSU died a cat fur related death a couple months ago.)
So, I bought the brand new Pioneer DVDRW and it’s having the same problem.

So either the discs have become unreadable or your system has driver issues…