Drive doesn't recognize blank media

I have gateway vista os 7 months old.When I try to burn a cd it says no disc in drive.Also if I try to play a burnt cd it says same thing.It will only recognize professionaly recorded cds.I have tried EVERYTHING,even called gateway 3x and did complete system restore twice.Nothing has helped.I have searched the web and find several complaints with similar issues.Strange thing is it worked fine for about a month then slowly started doing this off and on.then just completely quit acceping anything but store bought recordings.PLEASE can anyone help.PLEASE tell me there is a fix for this besides buying a new one.

Are you using The Media Center to play these disks?? Can you be more specific to what software you use and etc.? Could be a bad drive? Also you did a recovery using the HDD or recovery cds? Welcome to the forum too.

I have tried media center,windows media player.I did a complete system restore …gateway walked me through it,twice…no backup used. thanks…Happy New Year.:smiley: