Drive doesnt read certain disks



I was searching about a problem regarding the drive gsa-h20n that it doesnt read certain disks(i put the disk on the drive and the drive appears empty).
The drive is properly configured under XP and the latest firmware is installed.
What do you think could be happening?
Thank you


You don’t say which types don’t get read. CDs need driver cdfs to load and DVDs need udfs to load.
Check if the software drivers are running by looking in System Information ( MSINFO32.EXE ). Go to Software Environment|System Drivers. Scroll through the list for cdfs and udfs and see if they are running.
If not open regedit.exe.


Scroll through to each of these two and in the right panel change “Start” to 2

Reboot. Try the discs.

Second you may have installed something that filters the use of some disks. Back up your registry and go here to learn how to remove filters: “” .

Yet, the thing that worked for me was DVD internal cleaning and oiling.

Shutdown and remove the DVD drive. Remove the 4 Phillips head screws from the bottom and remove the bottom plate. Use a large paperclip to push into the small hole in the front to release the tray, and extend the tray all the way out.

Now take a flat screw driver to push in the three tabs that hold the face plate, and remove ( the tray will hold it ).

Remove the top cover. Inspect the inside. Take a can of air and gently (from a distance) blow out and dust, etc. Be careful not to damage the laser lens.

Look at the rails and worm screw that control the laser position. Clean these. I used WD-40 on a cotton cloth.

Time to lube. Silicone spray lube is good, yet my favorite is Dupont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant. If using this follow instructions to shake well and let the Teflon dry after application.

You want to lube both rails and the worm screw.

Gently, yet firmly, move the laser sled back and forth the full extent of the rails until it moves very easily.

Now you gently clean the laser lens (90% isopropyl will do) and reassemble the DVD. Re-install.

If these three things don’t get you up and reading, sorry I’m out of suggestions.