Drive dead after upgrading firmware


I upgraded my Sony/Optiarc AD-7200S Drive from original firmware 1.0A to 1.83 (Liggy & Dee). After that Windows can’t install the DVD driver anymore and the drive appears to be dead (BINFLash shows “no supported device”). However in Device Manager the drive is still shown as not functioning due to no driver.

I can’t go back with my firmware, since BINFlash shows no device. (Firmware upgrade went without errors). What can I do? Do I have to buy a new drive?

Have you completely powered off the machine rather than just re-start?


After the initial restart the drive was shown as ATAPI DVD/CDROM.

Then, after power off the bios read Sony/Optiarc AD7200S 1.83.

So the drive is detected.

Have you access to a Live OS CD? Something like a Linux CD, a Win7 (or 8) install disc should do also. Insert into the drive and see if you can boot from it. Windows install discs require “any key” to be hit in order to start from the optical media.

Please report back if you have results.


Ok, but it will take some time.

reporting back. The Windows 7 DVD wasn’t bootable from my drive.
What shall we do now?

thread dead? I never use binflash again…

[QUOTE=cosmonautica;2666309]thread dead? I never use binflash again…[/QUOTE]

Never read the terms of usage even for binflash?

It is YOUR own risk to use it.

Optiarc 7200 Series has 2 different OPU, it is likely the firmware you flashed was meant for the other OPU than what you have. Please update with caution.