Drive database support for Nero 6.6?



Does anyone know, or have a link to an update for the drive database in Nero 6.6?

I seem to remember that they did this with V5.5 at the end, and I’d really rather not go to V7.


What do you mean by drive database?, never heard such term before.


Nero [from V6 onwards] has the ability to detect a drives capabilites automatically - called SmartDetect. Previous versions relied on a database of drives and their capabilities, things like Mt Rainier support, the ability to do DAO/96 etc.

In V6.6.1.4 the Pioneer DVR-111D is not fully supported. It works fine, it gives me the options for TAO and DAO but not DAO/96 for example. I was wondering if Ahead had issued an update to allow new dirves to be fully supported.

I seem to remember that was not much more than with more drives supported. I guess with SmartDetect it probably isn’t worth their while, whereas with 5.5 all drives needed to be explicitly supported.

Here is a list of supported Pioneer drives, and the version that they were entered into Nero’s drive database.

I’d like to know what version the DVR-111D is ‘supported since’, and I’d really like to stick with V6.6 hence the question about a drive database upgrade for it. There may be one out there, I just can’t find it on the Ahead site.


Then why don’t you send an email to Nero technical support and ask them what version of Pioneer will be support by your version of Nero?.


My PIONEER DVD-RW DVR K06RS (Acer 5673) not works fine with Nero until version 6.6.14!
but works perfect with VSO or NTI :iagree: