Drive configurations

was wondering if anyone could offer me some suggestions in how I should set my machine up optimally for burning DVD’s. I have currently have:
AMD 2800+ Athlon
768Mb ram
2 x 40G Western Digital hard drives (ATA100)
1 x Lite On 401S DVD+R burner
1 X Pioneer 107D DVR±R burner (which is fantastic)

I want to use the Lite On as a DVD reader and the Pioneer as the burner

Should I have both hard drives still on the 80pin cable and the 2 burner drives on the 40pin cables with the Pioneer set as the master and the Lite On as the slave? or should one burner piggybacking of each of the hard drives as a slave.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The best method would to put your main Pioneer burner on Secondary Master and the LiteON on Secondary slave.

appreciate your quick response :slight_smile:
will give it a go tonite


NP. Although it wouldn’t really matter which way it goes around, putting the CD drives on the master would hinder the Hard Drive’s performance quite a bit. Good Luck!

I have a (unbranded) dvd reader on the Secondary slave and my Liteon 451 on the secondary master.
I just pop the movie in the reader, and the blank in the writer, press a button and go out (or to bed), and a while later its done. (dvdshrink, nero6)