Drive Clicking on PC Power On!

Sorry if this is an inappropriate question but, with the new test MV8D F/W and SMART-BURN Media Check v3.1.16t what settings should I use to stop my drive clicking on PC power-up? I have read in other threads that different combinations of HT/OS may cure the problem, but ive had no success! Im hoping that with the new version of firmware and software that there may be a cure!

My drive is a LiteOn 165P6S using MV8D firmware.

Cheers in advance…

I have had the same problum with all test firmwares & even the last lite-on update for my drive SHW-160P6S It seems as if alot of people don’t seem to hear it or just put up with it i’v tryed everything surgested in the past with no success in the end i had to go back to a lite-on firmware with the -r lead in gap problum just to stop the mad clicking,This drive has been hell from day 1 i got it in december 05 and still no real working fix. it will be the last lite-on drive i buy . :a

same problem with 160p6s ,firmware ps09

Have you listened to the sound a 1.44 floppy drive makes at startup. Do you complain about this sound? Why do you thing the sound you LiteOn is making, which is much quiter than a floppy, is doing any harm? It’s just the PUH finding the home position. :wink:

The sound a 1.44 floppy drive makes at start-up has always made that noise are lite-drives have NOT .I can’t believe Codeking feels we should be happy that our drives are making fast load clicks at start-up that’s the sort of rubbish lite-on themselves would came up with. I hope your right about the drive PUH finding the home position. Because if peoples drives start going down were not going to be happy with his comments that all is fine.

A lot of us have never heard this sound (I’ve got the 1635s model which doesn’t seem to have this issue). How about someone post a recording so we can all hear what the fuss is about. (Say mono mp3 about 40kbps so it’s nice and small for dial up users)

ukuser, I think you need to chill out a bit. :slight_smile: Even if LiteOn did come back and say that this is the cause of the noise, it wouldn’t be rubbish. It’s the most logical cause of the noise. There is nothing else in the drive that can really do it and I seriously doubt it would be doing any harm, just like it isn’t doing any harm to a 1.44 floppy, which is why I mentioned it. :wink:

ukuser, have you been talking to Rimmer66? :bigsmile:

While I admit it’s annoying, since 3 (1635S, 160P6S, and 165H6S) out of the 4 LO drives I have exhibit the same behaviors, only one that doesn’t is the LV4C for the 16H5S, I’ve informed Wind about the problem and he said he would look into them.

We get the point that you are frustrated with this problem, and if it still bothers you endlessly, just buy another brand. There’s no need to work yourself up whenever a “clicking” question gets asked.

I have a 1635S & a 165H6S both running test firmware and have not heard any clicking on startup. But then again I never turn mine off. :bigsmile: :wink:

I think I need the mp3 file in order to identify what the sound is and to check if it’s OK or not. I can’t hear abnormal sound when power on with my drive. :doh:

I’ve just heard the click sound at home :eek: , maybe I can find the root cause and get the solution tomorrow. :bigsmile:

Thanks Wind. I will still attempt to record the clicks, since I can get both the 160P6S and 165H6S drives to exhibit the symptom.

Perhaps no need to do so; Look over here, post by PrTv number 14.

Thanks Wind i’m sure now you have heard it you can sort it . I was starting to think i was going mad hearing clicks which people could not hear. Drive 160P6S

ukuser, can you tell us if your sound similar to either of the two mp3 files posted in the thread linked by s_reynisson above (see posts 14 and 21 in linked thread).

[edit] Doh, I just figured out that both of those recordings are mostly just the sounds of the tray going in and out.

That sound was something else, he was recording some sound it made when he opened and closed the tray.

Here’s the sound, I just recorded it. The sound seems to come and go, I have it in an external enclosure and it’s not making the sound at the moment when I turn it on, but if I let it sit for awhile it will make the sound again. Quite an unpleasant sound… :Z

P.S. - I’ve also posted the sound of it at the moment, probably what it’s supposed to sound like. The clicks come and go, when I first updated to the test FW they would always happen on turning on the drive/enclosure, now it seems more common when the drive is ‘cold’. BTW, the vibration sound right after the click or scoot noises from both clips is just from the vibration of my drive, I have the drive out in the open so it is vibrating more.

liteon 160P6S (42.6 KB)

liteon 160P6S (72.3 KB)

Yes, PrTv stated so, it was the last click that he was questioning. But that’s no issue here since your clicks are clearly diffrent from the 1693 one’s.

Those sounds posted by scoobiedoobie are exactly what my drive does. 165p6s

Mine to. :a

I just updated from MSOM to MV8D to try out Online Hypertuning.

I can see why people are woried about it, it just doesn’t sound healthy! :eek:

The root cause may be the default sled force is too large for your drive.
If you can issue an atapi command to your drive, please do the experiment:

  1. put an CD disc into your drive
  2. issue atapi(0xDF, 0x00, 0x20, 0,0,0, 0,0,0, 0,0,0) to the drive

If that work, I’ll tell you why.
(This command may not be supported if your firmware is too old.)