Drive change (Add HardDrive in Recorder without a hdd)

I have been following up on all the posts regarding the drive change.

Is it possible to get a (LiteOn) DVD Recorder without a hard drive, and fix my own hard drive. I have quite a few hard drives in my PC. That would really save on money, and my hard drives will become useful again.

Has someone done this before ?

ha, I just submitted a request for something like that. sorry for not searching for this. I hope we find a way soon.

I’m no expert but I do like playing with my toys and I have thought about this. Seems to me if there is no ide connector on the motherboard of a recorder then there is “NO WAY” a hard drive could be connected?

The ide cable to the optical burner is sending burning info, not recording info.
I assume The firewire connection is one way in, but if it were two way there might be a way to adapt/conect that signal?

Of course, the rca out jacks could be connected to a computer with a video capture card, but that isn’t the same thing==but probably as close as we can get?