Drive cant see new RW Media



Ok, I have had a Pioneer A-09 since new (109 range), I like it cause of honeycomb case and fancy bezel, I found no real need to upgrade to 110/111, but 112 got me interested as of higher 18x burns esp if CAV unlike Lite-ON’s non CAV 20x writer. (DVD-RAm is of no use to me)

Here is my issue, I have latest 1.58FW and now have new Verbatim 8x DVD+RW media, but my drive can even see the media never mind burn to it. :frowning:


And it never will I’m afraid. It’s a hardware thing. Only the latest burners will recognise & burn these hi-speed RW discs.


The drive offically supports dvd+rw 8x and dvd-rw 6x, it has done so since launch and added more media brands by later FW’s, the media above is 1 of leaders and should work. :sad:


You’re right.

However, I don’t think that the new Verb 8x +RW media was around when the firmware was released so while the firmware shows support for the discs I suspect that the media ID’s don’t quite match. That’s all I can think of.


That is the point, this 8x +RW were just released and the last fw update is a while ago…


I know 8x RW is new on the media makers site but they had them 1 year ago there, seems launch was late for us in EU, I have seen other brands of 8x RW 6 months ago, Pio need get new FW out even if older drives, it was far better than the crap 110’s, anyhow I have sourced a A12 :), lets hope Pio have got their fingers out there ass’s and got FW for it thats uses the Veb 8x RW’s, I should get ok cash for my A09 on E Gay as its rare.


How old is the A09?
Should give an reasonable answer, I think.


Thats BS, other manus support non newest drives, esp after then launch it claiming burn speeds on media types that werent even avail at the time of launch, so basically the drive will never do 8x+RW as advertised in specs.
It is now on E-Gay for sale and should sell as its a A09, my new A12 will be here in 2 days.