Drive can't read when spinning up?


please take a look at the graphics first:

There is no read error in the burst rate test as you can see. I have the program set to spin up the drive before starting this test.
Everytime I run the Quality Check though there will be read errors right at the time when the drive reaches 24x. I did this several times…
Does this mean the drive cant read ok because it’s spinning up?

As the Burst Rate test also Scandisk runs flawlessly and no error is reported.

Would anyone please just tell me any thoughts about the imgs above…

I’m concerned mostly about the drive can’t read ok when it’s spinning up and reaches 24x. Would that be caused mostly by the drive or the media?
I appreciate any input you could give me on that.

This is a new drive… should I be concerned about that at all?

p.s.: those CDs were burned at only 24x… they are rated for 48x.

Answered here:

(I’m trying to discourage cross-posting over multiple sites)


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[B]Answered here:

(I’m trying to discourage cross-posting over multiple sites)

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Although you answered the question in the thread on the CDRLabs forum perfectly, I see no problem in this kind of crossposting. It’s totally fine with me if you answer the thread in just one of both forums and paste it into a reply in the other one… or even leave a link…

Just remember that having a (direct) answer to this question in both forums is good for both “knowledge bases” (the forums are turning into huge kb’s).

There’s nothing wrong with posting the same question on different forums. It would however be nice to give links to the threads in other forums, so valuable time of many people can be saved …

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(I’m trying to discourage cross-posting over multiple sites)

cfitz [/B]
Thanks, but not a problem for us.

You guys don’t mind spending your time answering a question that has already been asked and answered elsewhere? That’s what bothers me. I’m not too happy when I spend 10 or more minutes typing up and posting a thorough reply to a question, only to discover that the person who asked the question also posted it in two or three other forums and already had several other perfectly good answers.

Personally, I find the shotgun approach to asking questions to be rude. The person who does this essentially values their time more than the time of the people upon whom they are imposing for answers - people who are volunteering their time out the desire to be helpful. It feels to me that the attitude is “I want an answer fast, and can’t be bothered to wait, so I will post in as many different places as possible to increase my chances of getting a quick reply by having people work in parallel on it. And I don’t care if some of those people working in parallel end up unknowingly duplicating effort, and thus just waste their time on my behalf.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating posting a question only one time ever. If someone doesn’t get a satisfactory answer on one site, then by all means that person should try another. What I object to is the simultaneous posting of the same question on multiple sites. It is much like cross-posting to multiple forums within a single site, only worse because there is less chance that someone who is considering answering will realize that the question has already been asked and answered. Perhaps if the person posting the questions is forthcoming about what they are doing, states clearly that they are asking the same question at multiple sites, and cross links all of them so that people who want to take the time to answer are fully aware of any other answers that have already been given, it would be okay. I’m not sure.

In this particular case o770 linked from CDRLabs to here after I complained to him about another multi-site post he made. But he didn’t link from here to CDRLabs. That’s why I added the link here back to CDRLabs. I wanted to ensure that CDFreaks members would be kept informed of all that was going on.

I’m also not trying to keep content exclusive to one site or the other. My concern was in preventing CDRFreaks people from wasting their time posting an answer here if they felt that the answer over at CDRLabs was already sufficient.

If the general policy at CDFreaks is that posting questions to multiple sites simultaneously is perfectly acceptable behavior, then while I am here I will conform to the policy and say no more about it. But I will continue to discourage it at CDRLabs, since people there seem to object to this practice:

I’m not trying to cause trouble, and I apologize if I have spoken out of turn.