Drive can't read properly

My DVD+RW(LITEON 802S with 832s firmware) drive cannot read all types of media. I tried several DVD+R discs, they all worked and I can also burn DVDs. when I tried CDs, it can read audio CDs, some data disks, and it can’t read a lens cleaner disk. I can’t burn CDs either, it always says that there was an error reading my blank media. I tried using Memorex, Maxell, Cursor and Promedia. Please tell me the problem.

Thank you for your responses.

can anyone help me?

Reading a lens cleaner CD???

Have you used a proper burning app for burning to CD?

it cant read a lens cleaner disk, i tried. i used Nero burning rom and Veritas RecordNow

Then the cd part is dead.

Cleaning disc :confused: Ouch If it ain’t dead it is now

but it can read some cds that i put in but its very slow.