Drive Cannot read some DVDs

I’ve a HP Pavilion zd8290 (zd8200 series) and a Compaq Presario z2582 (z2500 series) both with a TS-L532M DVD+/-RW Lightscribe burner.

There are some kind of DVDs (mostly authored movies) that it can not read, but other computers (an old toshiba for example) and my dvd player (an old one) can read it.

I have the driver up to date and tried to read in Windows and Linux, but no one works.

Then it’s maybe a badly burned one.

Try to scan these disks for quality…

I don’t think so because normal DVD players (the ones connecteds on TVs) can read it and other older computers too.

When I put the DVD on the drive it is like the driver has no disc or a blank disc. It also happens with DVDs that I made! Yeah! I recorded one disc that other computers and dvd players can read, but the computer that burned it don’t!

Then clean the drive.

I’ve already tried, but I don’t think is it, because in both HP they do not read it. I think it is something related to the hardware/firmware.

Then do what is obvious, RMA the drive if you can.

You men by RAM: Return Merchandise Authorization or Reliability, Maintainability, Availability ?

I can not return de drive, but anyway I do not think it is defective because all HP have the same problems.

Then ask HP, they have do support.