DrinkOrDie leader gets four years

I just posted the article DrinkOrDie leader gets four years.

As we posted previously here on CDFreaks about the jail sentence of a Drink Or Die groupmember,The leader of the warez release group has now beeing sentenced for 4 years.

The ringleader of a…

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Hmm me thinks this sucks a bit. Fair enough I don’t believe in warez to make money (did they even do that? i dunno) but still 4 years is way too harsh, especially when in comparision to when I read in my local paper that a guy can rape a woman and only get 18 months because she was a prostitute. I don’t think the punishment matches the crime.He is just been used to try and scare others.

I agree. He is being punished to scare others. 4 years is as much as a lot of hardcore criminals do who do serious crimes like rape, abh, threatening, dealing drugs etc. Fine they might cost as much but they sure cause a lot more of a problem to society. I feel sorry for him. Being overly punished to scare other people. Sure hope he gets off early for good behavior or something.

The world truely is a sad place today, when shit like this is goes down. To my knowledge, DrinkOrDie didn’t even sell! Just cracked, ripped, and released (ie uploaded) to the net. While this is obviously still very illegal, it is NOT (in my opinion) anywhere near as bad as mass producing CDs and sellin for profit. Nor is this crime anywhere near as damaging (emotionally or physically anyways) to the victims involved as crimes like: Rape, Robbery, Drug Dealing, etc. And, it is these very crimes that are goin unpunished and the persons guilty of these atrocities gettin off with jail terms of less than three years! Ok, yeah, so DrinkOrDie may have cost them (the software industry) the odd sale or three, but not the millions of dollars the authorities claim they did. C’mon!How can you possibly put a dollar value on the damage done thru lost software sales? I mean, most of the people who download warez scene releases do it for the fun of it, or to test out a new application before buyin. Whether it had been illegally released on the net or not by groups like DrinkOrDie, they still wouldn’t have bought it legally from the shops. its the professional crime organizations that mass produce CD silvers and sell on the streets that are costing the software industry sales! Anyways, i could go on even more, but its getting all too depressing for me, so we’ll just leave it at that i think. I think I speak for the majority of cdfreakers here when i say all our thoughts are with you DrinkOrDie, hope you get out of jail as early as possible as you are clearly being used as scapegoats and being unfairly treated! regards, Br@yza!

I agree brayza. I learnt how to use Photoshop by using a Warez version. I’m only a student and would never have bought it, or any of the other big name pieces of software if they hadn’t been available. Instead I’d just have never had the chance to learn how to use them and when I tried to get a job in the next month or two as I plan I’d have found it nearly impossible. Thanks to guys like Drink or Die I’m gonna have the experience I need and when I walk into a company to get a job, the first thing I’m gonna make them do is buy the software I’m familiar with. ie Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc. If it wasn’t for warez I wouldn’t have my software experience and I probably wouldn’t be able to get a job (well one that’s not in a supermarket type thing). People can say warez is bad all they want but in all fairness there is a VERY real good that comes out of it. The main people that use warez are students and they couldn’t afford to buy it otherwise. They learn to use it and then when they go for employment they put the skills they learnt into practise at the job. I FULLY agree that companies shouldn’t be touching warez and that they should be paying for all the software they use but for the average home user, top of the range expensive software like Photoshop is something that’s not too big a crime. I know of several software makers who agree with this point of view as well as other people who are totally against warez who say it’s just an excuse. To those who say it’s just an excuse all I gotta say is work it out - how could I have afforded to learn how to use all the top of the range pieces of software without warez?? I couldn’t have! Thank god for warez! Oh yeah, and that’s talking about big software. For smaller companies that make relatively cheap software you guys should support them when it’s for software like mp3 jukeboxes, etc from smaller companies that cant afford to wait till a couple of years till we are working to be repaid for their hard work.

Here are the biggies behind the whole thing on capital hill pushing for more govt. intervention. http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/17728

Hi Guyz I wonder what all your thoughts are on those plonkers that go into the likes of C&A or Marks and Sparks and nick the stuff off the rails? What exactly are you calling them when they do this? Shoplifters? Thieves? Rogues? Toe-rags? Or are they just a small minority who can’t afford to pay for their gear so they do the whole lifting business? Do they get your sympathy? Do they get mine? Yet all poeple who download warez are EXACTLY the same as those folk!!! And yes, I’ve downloaded stuff too and no, I haven’t lifted from a shop. But when you look at it in any way there is NO DIFFERENCE from one or the other. It’s theft plain and simple. Having no money to buy the stuff is no excuse. What pisses ME off is the extorted prices these software giants ask for their programs and then they claim it is still not yours!!! The sale of goods act (of which I am quite familiar with because of qualifications) could well be challenged here. Let’s say I ‘buy’ a pair of Levi’s for a decent sum of dosh and on them was a label with an EULA… you know the rest!! And yes, 4 years is a bit much when rapists, murderers and the like get away free sometimes or even after a year or two are released to commit the same offence again!!! I hope the warez sites continue for a long time to come… Keep smiling… it takes fewer muscles!!! :8

Yeah but if I smile for a long time my face starts to hurt. If I don’t smile it doesn’t. Wait, that’s not the point is it?

Augustus, I hate to break it to you but your wrong. When someone walks into a shop and takes something without paying, the shop cannot sell that item, they loose all the money they put into buying it, the materials and fabrics for it etc and are basically at a loss. This is what the RIAA and other such stupid companies use as their criteria when working out how much these software pirates COST them. In actual fact it’s bull shit. When you download software, someone else can still download it, your not depriving them of selling that item. If someone walked into a store and stole 100 pieces of clothing, the shop could not sell them any more because they would have none. With software they can still sell it even if 1000 are ‘stolen’. There is a big difference. What’s being stolen is the profit, not a physical product. The cost comes from the mind hours used to make the product, not the materials used to make it. Therefore, once those hours are paid for, in theory it would make no difference to them if 1 billion copies were given away for free (except for the profits of course). With an item from a shop however, 1 billion items stolen would cost the shop a LOT of money. There is a big difference, and without meaning to sound rude, it’s statements like that where people say they’re identical that are what the idiots at the RIAA and BSA and other such corporations use. Also, they use stupid figures like saying that because 1000 copies were downloaded illegally, and each copy is worth $500 then they’ve cost the company $500,000 which is in actual fact total crap because out of those 1000 downloaded, less than %5 would probably have actually bought it if it hadn’t been freely available and it’s those 5% that should be paying because they’re the ones using it to make money back. The rest of us are just using it to play with it for fun.

:frowning: This is not a crime !!! im against injustice this group took their time to crack, upload, ect…for what?this is just for helping some people that doesnt have money for software or something (like me) anyways all the wares i get is for trying out the program so i can recomend to other people that may buy it…thanks all crakers outthere

I always like to ask this question. If we could replicate food like we can copy programs. What would the Government do. Stop world hunger or ban replicators because farmers lose money? No music isn’t as important as food. But then again that could be debated to. But in the eyes of business, there is nothing more important then money. Not even world hunger.

Hmm. So for possibly ripping off millions of dollars from different software companies that charge too much for most of their programs, he gets 4 years. And Enron rips off millions upon millions of dollars from innocent people and they get away free. Interesting how our government views crime.

We have lots of brilliant ideas, write to the congress of the US. Maybe they will listen? :slight_smile:

(from the ‘previous’ post <SNIP> providing new Symantec software to be sold illegally on the Internet after its copyright-protection schemes were removed. <SNIP> I think the ‘to be sold illegally’ makes the BIG difference here. BTW- The company that I work for forcasted a 20 million dollar profit, they only recieved 8 million profit, which left them with a loss of 12 million. (Go Figure)So what does that tell you about my ‘profit sharing’??

It’s all sad, very sad. Unfortunately the more popular and known a person or a group gets, the more the feds will take notice. They won’t go after the small groups but the high profile ones would be a better trophy on their mantle. As a compairision, think of the drug scene. I’m not accusing that this was the case in this matter but I’m sure you can agree with my theory… The more known you get, the more “powerful” you think you are, the more invincable you feel, sloppy, greedy, hasty, violent, and the “don’t give a damn attitude”, you become with anything that is like this, the more likely you WILL get busted. The faster the snowball rolls down the hill, the harder it is to control it’s direction and velocity. Sooner or later you will bonk and bonk damn hard into some immovable object. My days in the godabuzz crew, things occasionally got this bad. Complatency breeds trouble. You are just screaming to get caught. Yes I’ve been busted for theft-related things in the past but I learned form my lessons. The main lesson I learned is to never be greedy, because when you do, you’ll get sloppy and get caught. Yes, I watched, along with the rest of the crew, the infamous Godabuzz get busted/arrested and sent to jail for m$ coming after his ass in court (and that’s just one of the well known corporations that went after him). Now he’s got tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, court costs, lawyer fees and ended up in the big-house. He had a wife and children at home to take care of and now his life is pretty much shot to hell. Bad for him and his family! What did I learn from other people’s mistakes? I learned that http warez is dead, any copy protection is futile, nothing is secret and don’t take anything for granted. What have I done in the meantime? Get out of the “scene” for good. I don’t need those paranoid thoughts running through my mind all the time. All for what? A bragging or pissing contest? That’s stupid. It was a learning experience though. I’ve left the m$ greed world behind for linux. I’m going to school and teaching myself programming. P.S. The open source world is so much better (in many ways but not all) than the proprietary m$ world of secret hording, thinking that software (which is essentially someone’s ideas that actually perform a given task) “belongs” to someone. In some ways it does but not to the point in which it’s workings are kept under lock and key and can’t be improved and fixed and developed with other like minded (REAL hackers) people all around the world. What do I want to do in the programming world? I wanna bring an app with the power and capabilities and ease of use like nero to linux. It’s a tall order but I gotta add to the collection of excellent software available in the open source community and prove that you don’t need to have a degree in computer science to be able to use a alternative os or even a top notch burning software package. I see a need in the pc world and am learning at this moment on how to make that dream come true. Plus, we all eventually grow out of that stage of software hording. Buying bigger and bigger harddrives and wearing out burners…LMAO Been there, done that. To all the rest of the people out there, get out while the getting is good. Otherwise, you’ll be someone’s lover in prison!

Hey TheOrb, nice post. Gotta say though:

and prove that you don’t need to have a degree in computer science to be able to use a alternative os or even a top notch burning software package.
U only need to be able to turn a computer on to be able to do more than someone with a computer science degree. I’m just finishing mine in the next few days and to be honest it was a total waste of my time and effort. They taught nothing particularly useful and it definitely didn’t do what I hoped it would do for me - give me a thorough in depth understanding of computers. Computer Science degrees are useful for teaching you outdated technology to a level so low you will never be able to use it very well. Basically they suck!

Nila In reaction to your reply to my post… You greatly miss the point!!! If YOU had a business that wanted to publish the software you’re all downloading and, yes, make a profit, then you’d be a bit pissed off if everyone stuck it up on warez sites and gave it away for free. Don’t have the same narrow minded view that others have - it’s there, it’s free to check out, it’s easy to download and it’s a full working version… “Hey, I’ll have that!!!” And then pretend you’re ONLY trying it out to uninstall a week or so later to go and buy the retail version. Bullshit. I put over an alternative point of view to create a discussion and it worked to a certain extent. As I have already said and will say again, we ALL have downloaded this stuff and kept it running on our systems with no intention to pay for the real thing. That’s what these sites are all about. And the notion that the egg head programmers are the ones who should get the money for programming the stuff is probably right… except… how do they publish it? They go to the big publishers who say “Yeah we’ll sell that for you and give you a fiver a copy but our markup is several thousand percent!!!” What are these folk to do? Their hands are tied. They can’t release stuff without the financial clout to do so. And they DO deserve the money they get and no, the big shots DON’t. We all know that. So, when software is put on a site and downloaded for free it IS theft. I don’t see anyone rushing to give the programmer of the prog. his fiver!!! BEFORE the web was used for this sort of thing I bet you all copied Speccy or Amiga stuff on cassette and didn’t consider that theft either? Anyway, nuff said and yes I see all points of view but all I read is “…stuff this group…”, “…that group piss off…” etc. And NO I am NOT defending groups like the RIAA coz they piss me off just as much as they do all you out there… Keep smiling… unless it hurts too much!!! :4

Augustus, if software couldn’t be copied at all, most of us would never use a computer. The fastest computer would probably be a speccy then and M$ wouldn’t be this big.

SaTan is right! The only reason i have Windows is coz’ most software runs on it & i can download it. Whenever i wouldn’t be able to downlaod windows, i’d stay with the version i have or go to linux… €300 for XP, what do they think they are? God or something? Djeeezes…

Well, I’m one of the FEW here who agrees with Augustus. And I’m sorry, SATAN, but you and dutchserv are wrong: the vast majority of PC users would still buy their PCs if software copying was impossible. Certainly there are plenty (including you cdfreakers) who wouldn’t or couldn’t get a PC, but I don’t think the industry is worried about y’alls losing business. And media piracy IS theft (as I’ve said on at least 2 different threads before). Cdfreakers can scream until they’re blue in the face about this not being theft, but while I will not engage in another debate about this, the opinion of a VAST majority of the american public have NO problem with cd-protections. I work with a lot of different businesspersons from different backgrounds and industries, and NO ONE that I’ve talked to this subject about believes that most copying is legitimate. Only in a place like CD Freaks would this be the majority opinion.