Drinking Games!

Just found a cool drinking game on Slashdot

Reminds me of the James Bond drinking game. The rules are just as simple - you drink every time you hear “James” or “Bond”. That’s three times every time Mr. Bond introduces himself.

You guys and gals know any cool drinking games ?

Yeah…One of the 2 hour endurance races in GT3 with your mates. You play for 20 minutes press pause, take a break and a couple bottles of Kronenbourg,another 20 minutes later take a break even more Kronenbourg,this sequence is repeated until
you reach the finish line or you’re totally P**sed.

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

7’s is fun. circle of death as well.

drinking guage - at the beginning of the night, pick a girl that you would never consider asking on a date. drink till you consider it.

I forgot what the game is called but basically you take a deck of cards, draw a card and whatever its value is thats for how long you drink (usually from a keg). So if its a queen, you drink for 12 seconds. And if the next person that draws has the same value as you, you both drink for that amount.

"Red & Black

Simply a simple game with a pretty high buzz factor. Simple supplies: people, beer, deck o’ cards.

One player goes first. Using mental telepathy, s/he tries to predict the color of the card about to be turned over. If correct, s/he continues; if incorrect - drink.

If correct three times in a row, the player can make a rule concerning procedure for the game. Interesting rules are:

“Can’t say red”
“Can’t say black”
“Tap head before drinking”, etc.

As always, be creative.

Of course, if someone is caught “violating” a rule, s/he drinks. But be sure not to break the rules while enforcing them."

Game and explanation borrowed from link below…

Drinking games

This is another one I’ve tried myself…Can’t remember who won, but who cares?? LOL

Beer Chess…

Playing The Game

Beer chess is played with beer, a lot of beer. One side uses Light Beer (white), the other side uses regular (black) of the same brands. (see list below) Our research and development team has concluded that one can expect a standard Beer Chess game to last up to five hours, assuming neither player passes out. Intermissions, however, may be declared on a bilateral basis.

Board Construction

As you may have realized, this game requires a big board. While beer chess boards are now commonplace in Jackman, in other places their availability is still limited. Again, our R+D team has arrived at a clever solution: bathroom tiles-large white bathroom tiles. Placed on a darker table at regular intervals, one can quickly construct a professional looking Beer Chess set. For an even cheaper board, cardboard coasters, available at most bars, serve as impromptu, portable boards.


                            White:                         Black:

8 pawns: Bud Lights (8oz can) Budweiser (8oz cans)
2 Rooks: Miller Light (12oz can) Miller Genuine Draft (12 oz Can)
2 Knights: Busch Light (12 oz Can) Busch (12 oz Cans)
2 Bishops: Coors Light (12 oz Can) Coors (12 oz Cans)
Queen: Michelob Light (Bottle) Michelob (Bottle)
King: Bud Light (Bottle) Budweiser (Bottle)

Standard Rules:

  1. When one moves a piece, one must sip from the piece moved.
  2. When one’s piece is captured, one must drink the entire piece.
  3. Castling requires two sips: one from the King, one from the Rook
  4. En passent requires only one sip (as in a standard pawn move)
  5. When one’s pawn reaches the eighth rank, and is exchanged for a queen (or other piece), one’s opponent must drink the remainder of the pawn.
  6. Once a piece is sipped, that piece must be moved. (taking back moves is not allowed)
  7. One may take as long as one wants to drink a captured piece, but the piece must be quickly consumed when a second piece is captured.
  8. After each exchange of pieces, the players must toast each other’s health with the exchanged pieces.
  9. When one is put in check, one must sip from the King.
  10. Passing out constitutes a resignation.
  11. A player may not go the the bathroom before his move.
  12. When one is checkmated, one must drink:
  1. The remainder of one’s King
  2. The remainder of opponent’s King
  3. The remainder of one’s pieces.
    (That’s a lotta beer)

General Hints:

  1. Take big sips out of pieces you expect to trade, when moving those pieces. This technique evenly distributes the amount of beer you will consume, and decreases the amount you will have to drink from that piece when it is traded or captured.

  2. If you are a light drinker, avoid exchanges (especially if you are down a piece)

  3. Avoid sacrificing pieces for position. A sacrifice will only force you to drink more.

Remember, in this game, you can be beating your opponent, not only by the fact that you have a greater number of pieces left on brain cells left.

Again, description of the game borrowed from the link below…Have fun…:slight_smile:

Drinking Games

We used to play booze-twister during the summer… everytime you fall of your dots you have to drink a shot. You can imagine that the longer you play the harder it gets to keep performing.

Any game that involves twister and drinking can’t be bad. Went to party once…looking for a friend later…found a party in a party…twister sheets…lol

Yes please.

Not really :expressionless:

Usually my friends just try to drink eachother under the table.

Towards the end of the night, it usuallt gets really ugly.
Karaoke, lamp shades and humorous gestures are involved.

Lots of smug looks the next morning, as well as photographic evidence, now that everyones phone has a camera.

Damn! It seems like a great idea at the time :wink:

A drinking game from a “very far away” location in Sweden,a game called Jocke! You drink a “dunk” (a couple of litres,depending of what container you find when you “cook”)of moonshine,a sauna and a mate.Drink the “dunk” get into the sauna (both of you) lights out and…start guessing who you are.
Jocke v2,one of you get´s out of the sauna and the one in the sauna starts guessing who he is./gs.

the DICE!!
you roll a dice:
1 - you drink
2 - the one on your right drinks
3 - the one on your left drinks
4 - you choose who drinks
5 - everybody drinks
6 - you set up a rule, like “don’t lift the glass with your right hand” or “don’t scratch your head” - you fail, you drink

I once joined at late night, with lotsa rules set… it turned into madness after no more than five minutes :iagree: