Dreamworks or Pixar?

Choiches choiches…

I think Dreamworks , since i hate Disney …

but Pixar is cool too , except for the Disney part then.

Pixar. But I really really like Shrek though. Damn, I can’t make up my mind… I’ll stick w/ my first.

Update: cico brought up a very good point why pixar should take the cake. Watch the making of Monster Inc. and you’ll know why.

whats a pixar?

Originally posted by ckin2001
whats a pixar?

A company, just like dreamworks :slight_smile:

www.pixar.com for more info :wink:

come on! pixar, of course!!
i must admit that shrek looked pretty good, but i think it is nothing compared to toy story, bugs life or (my favourite one…) monsters inc.

look at the detail and sharpness in monsters, inc. and you’ll have no doubts! :stuck_out_tongue:

Off Topic:

I prefer neither, (although Shrek was good) I like Fox because of Ice Age - Heh, poor scrat :slight_smile:

Toy Story, no matter how many times my kids put it on … I end up sitting and watching it again … and again. It’s a clasic already in my book.