Dreamweaver 4 Trial :D

I am looking for the Dreamweaver 4 trial version. Do any of you know of a file archive when I could find this program? I have not had any luck finding it yet.

I do not want the MX version.

Thank you for all your help.

Yes there is, here…http://www.itlearningmaterials.com/dreamweavertutorials.htm


i cant find it from that link.

Are u blind? Its says, dreamweaver 4 30 day-trial…sasarchiver

And if you click that link you end up at Macromedia, where they lo and behold, have replaced it with MX.

i searched around loads, even on p2p for this, couldnt find it anywhere.

old versions ofsoftware and very hard to get.

ben :slight_smile:

Is it really that hard googling?

not blind - i just follow up on things.

I have a key code to this program. How do I activate it after downloading the free trial?