Dreamfall The Longest Journey 2

Just in to regarding the copy protection on this game, so is the copy protection on this one Starforce, I mean the Australia version of the game, if someone could just confirm for me that would be good.

Hello is this forum dead or what, I asked a question and I expect a answer.

Why don’t you scan with A-Ray scanner or Protection ID and tell us? :wink:

Well, I did run A-Ray scan. I have the US 6-disc version of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey put out by Aspyr and it’s SecuRom.
I just sector scanned the disc so I don’t know more than that till I install but suffice to say, it’s not anything worst then a simple SecuRom

I actually found out that the Australia version has Starforce on it, so that’s really bad.

It’s all based on the publisher. The publisher is who puts the cd(s) together, puts copy protection on, gives artwork and packaging (if not already put together by the developer), advertises, and sells it to the shops. Who is the publisher for the austrialian release and what is their stand on StarForce - thats what you should asking.

Oh and by the way, the US 6 disc version of Dreamfall the Longest Journey put out by Aspyr is SecuROM - Just if anyone wants to know