If anyone out there who is smarter than me could be a pal and knows how to burn dreamcast cd’s (Hey please share the welth)send me an e-mail to let me in on it and what i need to do. THANKS!!


Here, check this out, it provides some nice info(look under Rumors):


Interesting page MityMouse but NO reference to the question this post was started with.


Can’t you just write them the way you write PSX with Nero 4.0 ??

(Never tried it before !!)



Well Black Diamond, if you read the WHOLE page…it explains the possibilities and drawbacks of backing up DC games. I guess its possible if you have the right yamaha drive and the correct program:

"What do i need ?
First of all you will need a CD-Writer that is equivalent to a Yamaha 400At or above. Second you will need a copy of CeQuadrat’s latest PacketCD software.

So is this true or what ?
Do not know…haven’t got any GD-Rom to test it…"

( http://www.cdr-info.com/articles/dreamcast/index.html )
i thought you can take a normal cd-r and its burned as a gd-rom…so that last part is kinda confusing


Ok…found out that a cd-r doesnt convert to gdrom or anything in the burn process. You actually need GD-ROM media for this, and its only distributed to DC game developers or whoever and not to the general public.


Hi !
I think that a GDRom, is in fact a normal CDR
but compressed with Adaptec DirectCD or CeQuadrat PacketCD
(which is owned by Adaptec

These two softwares can compress the size by 2 of a CDR so that’s how they made GDRoms…

The other fact is that I saw a traxdata package with a sticker saying that they can burn up to 1,2go on 1CDR…

So this should be true.

About the compression, here’s a link anyone should know about : http://www.yamahacdrwinfo.com/cequadra.htm

This site does have all you need to know…
Let me know if you got some hotstuff.

See Ya !
Obike Fixx.

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Did you bother to actually read the page you posted (which was written with some crappy-ass prog that makes pages only viewable in IE)… Here’s a quote:

“GD-ROMS use normal CDs and normal CDRs to write them. The extra storage space on a GD-ROM is created by using the space usually reserved on a CD for sector headers and other such info.”

The docs posted only mention how to make GDRs with Cequadrat’s PacketCD (similar to Adaptec’s DirectCD only with added compression). The only way to copy them would be with an app that can explicitly copy discs made with packet writing or a prog that will make bit-by-bit copies.



Does anyone have a CD-RW that supports raw writing? My Yamaha didn’t make the list. There’s a package called CloneCD that may be what we’re looking for. Check out the hardware compatibility list:



you can get the blanks for the deamcast there about £12.
and it takes 4 hours to burn the cd.
ive not done it myself but a friend has.
a i have a copy game which he has done and it works fine.
we are in working together to sort something out as the price of blanks is to high.
the program you need is on the net.


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lazerfire…works fine without a modchip?


what i’m wondering about is: is it al worth the effort? has anybody got a dreamcast? and are the games any good?

'cause you can copy everything, but if the games are crap: why would you?

i’ve played sega rally 2 and trickstyle on the pc and i didn’t really like them so is the rest any good?

and while i’m on the subject: are there any plans to release sonic adventure on the pc? should be an easy conversion 'cause the dreamcast works with windows ce doesn’t it?

thanx in advance



To Vizhual ONLY :

Who do you think you are for saying such things… ??

Obike fixx.


It can’t be done with software alone like CloneCD, Nero, and certainly not with PacketCD ( that story is more than 6 months old or so and it’s just a rumor that doesn’t work! ) Your DVD/CD-rom/CD writer will never be able to read a GD rom. It is nothing more than a cd but since it is high density none of the list hardware is able to read&copy it. You’ll need addionaital hardware like a GD writer which is only availible for developpers and still cost about I don’t know , but the way too expensive for a regular consumer That’s why i also find it hard to believe that someone here says he has got a workng copy since it can only be done with that dev. kit and costs the same time and i assume your friend doesn’t develop games for DC…
If we get lucky , and rumors say we will , Yamaha who made the GD-rom for DC will make a GD writer for the PC market as well… , and with that additional hardware it should be no real problem to copy them. Lets just wait & pray


im sorry if i sound like an ass…but you ppl amuse me ) seriously… hey i have an idea why dont you buy a vowel… just kidding heres the scoop on dc and why its not likely to be pirate anytime soon…
first of all NO cd writer around now can read past the first 50 megs of the dc cd’s… and no the packet compression will not work becuase that would mean your dc would need the same packet compression soft installed on it… and no a gdrom is not a re-formatted compressed cdrom… and no your firend does not have a backup up dc game its all rumors… fairy tales…
read the info about backing up dc games at www.gamefreax.de gd-roms are speacial made media and its NOT availabe to the genral public not for 12 pounds or a million its simply not there… even if it was youd need a gd rom recorder wouldnt you… and there will never be a cdrom for the pc… why would they go all that way to develop an in home version of the gdrom drives the only reason would be to pirate dreamcast games the only reason we all have cdrecorders is becuase cd’s are a standard where as gdroms will never become a standard (dvd’s will be the next if anythign disc based) i mean think about it youll only get like 350 more megs worth of storage itll be more expensive and sloppy with the first 50 megs being different than the rest of the 950… and why would they go thru the trouble of doing that when you can get like triple the info onto a dvd and the dvd format is uniform and its already got a big part of the movie market and its slowly moving into software with games like baldurs gate… people get a grip if it does happen the only place youl get thes pirated games from will be hong kong (you know the usual pirate importers) the people with tons of cash to invest in machines and development and the people with huge buyers lists the ones planning on making a profit… and as for now dreamcast games suck hard salami with very few exceptions… so its not worth it for the honk kong pirates yet… give it a rest its very unlikly youll ever see a way to backup dc games onto discs (theres that harddrive method described on gamefreax website but thats silly and inconventional)
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