Ik had een paar vraagje over die dreamcast, misscien weet iemand er een antwoord op!!

  1. Zijn die spellen nou eigenlijk gewoon te kopieren op de PC?
  2. Moet je hem eerst om laten bouwen? en waar??
  3. Mag dit eigenlijk in deze forum??

alvast bedankt!!

neen geen MOD chip nodig of zo !!! enkel
gewoon een BOOT CD tje
en de games kan je nie met een PC kopieren enkel de mogelijkheid om die te downloaden
en dan gewoon te burnen
als je ze toch wilt burnen heb je speciale harware nodig dat enkel kalisto en NBC hebben
en utopia natuurlijk
euhh als je dus een snelle internet lijn hebt kan je ze dus makkelijk downloaden op internet dan moet je een dummy bij dat spel bijvoegen !!! omdatde Dreamcast annders het spel veel te traag kan lezen ! dus je moet op het begin van de cd een dummy burnen dus complete BROL en daarachter het spel zelf burnen dat de Dreamcast dus het spel in leest in op het einde van de CD , dat word sneller gelezen natuurlijk !!! er is ook al een nieuw programmaatje waar je die dummy automatisch in kan voegen in de BIN file !(www.dcsega.com)
maar als je het toch manueel wil doen dan doe je het volgende doen:

I’m going to give very basic and very specific instructions how to create a dummy file. This will work. I’ve tested it and used it. For Crazy Taxi I no longer get the missing textures and graphics and the load times are nearly non-existent. HErEsY made a VERY similar HOWTO but I didn’t understand what to do before actually getting to Easy CD Creator so I decided to write everything out with very specific instructions on what to do building up to easy CD Creator.

I’ve also added instructions for using Nero Burning ROM. Lately, I’ve been using Nero just to test it and both work great. IMO, EZCD is a bit easier b/c you only have to change the priority on one file rather than all of them.

UPDATE 07/12/00 Since I first wrote this I pretty much used EZCD Deluxe exclusively however I’ve run into a bunch of discs that won’t seem to burn until I try Nero. Nero is a pain in the ass b/c you have to set the priority high on EVERY SINGLE FILE. If you have a lot of directories in an image it take a lot of time to go through every directory and change the file priority in every directory but IMO it is VERY much worth the effort. For example, when I first burned SegaGT(as well as VOOT and MDK2) w/o the dummy file it was totally thrashing my DC. I heard the disc flying back and forth and I didn’t even want to play it. I burned it w/a dummy file using EZCD and made a nice coaster. I then used Nero and went through and prioritized each file in each directory to High. It works perfectly and there is no thrashing and the loads are very quick. The bottom line is this a)you need to add a dummy to most all of your games and b)Nero Burning ROM is my CD burning software of choice b/c of all the options that it provides and EZCD doesn’t.

If you’d like to contact me regarding any part of the process I can be reached at this e-mail address. I’m not an expert but I may be able to help answer a quick question. You can also reach me in #dcisos on efnet or in the forums at dcisos.com or techhack.com under the name suprfli or suprfli2k.

Two Important things before we begin though:

  1. Don’t e-mail about where to get DC games.
  2. You can’t burn or copy your own DC games. Utopia cracked the DC and they know how to burn DC games. Utopia, Kalisto, NBC, ACC and other groups are ripping and releasing DC games. Unless they release a DC game you can’t get it.

Q: What is a dummy file?
A: The dummy files are a set of zero’s that are just a place holder. A laser reads from the outside of the disk to the inside. By putting a large dummy file closest to the center of the disc it forces the game data to the outside of the disc. Therefore, the important data is accessed faster b/c it’s on the outside edge of the disc. It’s not necessary on all gams. I usually only add a dummy to files that are below 550MB.

You’ll Need:

WinRAR to unrar the files you downloaded.
IsoBuster to extract the BIN file.
DummyFile to make the dummy file.
NewFile makes a dummy file instanly but it’s used in DOS and not Windows(it’s simple to use).
Easy CD Creator Deluxe to prioritize files and burn the CD(you could also check here too but I wouldn’t recommend downloading copied software but if you do and you like the software then buy it).
For the Nero Instructions you’ll need Nero Burning ROM. Buy it or figure out where to get it.
Getting Started:

Go to the directory that you downloaded the file. In this case it’s “Crazy_Taxi_DC-KALISTO.”
Unrar the file. When you Unrar it you’ll get a BIN file and a CUE file.

Extracting the files:

Open IsoBuster. If you don’t have it go here and download it or grab it locally here. NOTE I prefer IsoBuster instead of WinImage b/c you can basically use any Image such as an ISO, BIN, IMG, NRG and it therefore supports Nero, CloneCD, CDR-Win, etc. With WinImage you have to convert your ISO to a BIN.**
In IsoBuster choose Open Image File. Choose CDR-Win(*.BIN) and then select your BIN file which in this case is KAL-TAXI.BIN.
In the right window click on the first file, scroll down if needed and then hold shift and click on the last file(I’m not sure if selecting all of the files is necessary but I wanted to be safe).
Right click on the window and choose EXTRACT FILES. Choose the directory when you want the BIN extracted and hit OK.

Now it’s time to create the Dummy file:

Right click on the folder which you extracted the files to choose properties. The directory I extracted KAL-TAXI.BIN to is 100MB.
I am using 80 minute CD’s so they can hold 700MB. Subtract 100 from 700 which leaves you with 600. NOTE A 74 minute CD is 650MB so subtract the number from 650 if you’re using 74 minute CD’s. Use a 74min CD if you have them. I only use the 80’s b/c that’s all I have. If it will fit on a 74min CD(which Crazy Taxi easily does) use it.**
Open DummyFile which can be downloaded from here or from here locally.
To be on the safe side I created a 595MB file. Put 595 in for the number. Press choose location and drop it into whatver directory you want. To make things easy I dropped it in the same directory where I extracted the BIN. Press BUILD. It will take between 1 and 2 minutes. It took me 117 seconds to make my 575MB file. At the end it will tell you how long it took and it will name the file dummy.bin.
You can also use NewFile. Drop the EXE in a directory. Open a DOS window, go to that directory and type “newfile [number of bytes for the dummy file]” - Don’t use the quotes or brackets. An example is for a 575MB dummy is - newfile 575000000. It takes about 3 seconds to create any size file.
Time to create the CD using Easy CD Creator:

Open Easy CD Creator and choose File/New CD Layout/Data CD. NOTE I had the OEM version of EZCD 4.02 and it didn’t allow me to prioritize files. Apparently you need Deluxe to prioritize files.**
Open the directory where you extracted the files. Drag and drop those files into the bottom right panel or click add.
Drag and drop the dummy file(dummy.bin) into the bottom right panel.
Right click on the bottom left panel and choose SHOW FILE ORDERING and click on it.
Right click on the dummy file and choose CHANGE PRIORITY.
Change the priority to Fastest Access and hit OK. This will ensure that the DC files have the least amount of access time when loading. Click on HIDE ORDER.
Click on Properties in the left bottom panel and change the option from Mode 2 to Mode 1. Change the volume label to Crazy Taxi or whatever you want.
Click Create CD. Choose your options as Create CD, Track-at-Once and Close CD.
Notice that almost the first 600MB is green. This is the dummy file which you chose as the highest priority and is being burnt first to the disk therefore leaving the 100MB of Crazy Taxi at the edge of the disk which will ensure fastest access to the data.
I burn at 8x. If you’d feel better burning at a lower speed b/c you’re worried about making a coaster then be my guest. It’s up to you at what speed you burn.
Hit OK and burn your CD.
OR create the CD using Nero Burning ROM:

Open Nero and choose FILE/NEW and CD-ROM (ISO). In Multisession choose NO MULTISESSION.
For File Options choose ISO Level 2, Mode 1, ISO 9660, Joliet and check both options in Relax ISO Restrictions.
Choose whatever you want for volume descriptor. I usually name it whatever the game is like CRAZYTAXI.
For Burn choose Write, Finalized CD, whatever speed you feel comfortable with(I always burn at 8x) and then hit New.
Open your extracted files directory and drop all of the files from the right into the left window and add your Dummy file.
You’ll notice at the bottom that the disk should be nearly at it’s full capacity of 650MB or 700MB like the above image.
Select your dummy file and right click on it and choose Properties. Select the dummy file’s priority as LOW.
Select all of your other files and select their priority as HIGH. Anything inside of the folders should be given a HIGH Priority as well. I’ve seen some discussion about making the files inside of the directories to be a medium priority but I prioritize EVERYTHING to to a high priority and the dummy to be low. This has worked every time for me w/o a problem.
Go to File and WRITE CD or hit the Write CD button.
My burn of Crazy Taxi has almost zero load time and NO problems. It runs great. I haven’t had time to do the same with the others but I will. To see if certain games are having problems w/adding the dummy file check out this site out which is maintaing a listing of the games, cd software, speed and if the game is working once inserting the dummy files.


ShitStinx made a great Step-By-Step text instructions page for using Nero. His page is located here. I’ve saved the most recent version of his instructions locally here.


I want to give HUGE props to HErEsY and Ultra Dman because without them giving out their process this wouldn’t even be happening. You guys RAWK! Thanx!! Also, big thanx to DCISOS.com, TechHack, DCWarez and last but certainly NOT least my main man NIRV and my partner cyclops.

There have been some e-mails and posts going back and forth about the priority given to the dummy file for EZCD. HErEsY cleared things up and here’s the direct quote:
"hi guys - EZCD 4.02 is different from Nero Fastest Priority on EZCD puts the file first - just go and check to see what block the dummy file is getting burned at - the lower the number the earlier on the disk it’s burned. EZCD has it backwards on their explanations - don’t listen to them - just put the dummy on fastest. HOWEVER, on NERO fastest priority puts it on the end - so you would have to put the dummy on LOW priority and all the other files on Medium or high so it burns first. I am not wrong!!! EZCD is the f’d up program.

voila dit heb ik op dat forum dcsega ook verteld en ik had al een email van sega in men mailbox dat ze gingen binnen vallen !!!

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Eigenlijk geen engels in dit forum…
Link naar artikel was beter geweest

Voor deze keer laat ik het staan…