Dreamcast rom ripper



Can you mail me the EMULATOR,

Tnx in advance


Does anyone can tell me were I can download a Dreamcast ROM Ripper (freeware or shareware) I have Playstation and PC (not Dreamcast) and also a Dreamcast Emulator, but this works only with CD images (ROM) and I would like to play Sword of the BERSERK.


alright where did you get the dream emulator from ???


come on, guys. there isnt such a thing like a dreamcast rom ripper. he talks about the fake-emu nightmare. forget it.

the one and only group who hacked the dreamcast are ‘somebody’ http://www.tooolate.org, and nobody else. and they are not interested in backups, they are coders.

… but perhaps we will see something soon …

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… and there is a console forum, right? so post in the right forum.


Nobody has ‘hacked’ Dreamcast, as can be shown by dark_joker’s link to non existant site.


the site exists, but there was a problem with the comma in the url, thats why it didnt work. check it now, its fixed.


Mattel007 or sies, close this thread before it turns into some huge pile of junk. There is no Dreamcast Emu at the time (won’t be for awhile). There is NO “RIPPER”, the games are not CD-ROM they’re GD-ROMS. NO CD-ROM drive can read them. The games take up a Gig, and no you cannot use packetCD because it doesn’t read that format. That’s all you need to know about Dreamcast.


yep, close it, it doesnt make sense to discuss about dc emu, there is no emu out. point.


Shall i close it then