Dreamcast Modchip Real or Fake?



Anyone know if the Dreamcast mod chip on www.lik-sang.com is real? Because there have been a lot of phony stuff on the web. Seems like everyone and their mother is trying to rip people off with dreamcast stuff.


i wouldn’t trust putting a mod chip in the deamcast, they burn out after a little while.
trust me i know.
there’s a bit of hardware you can get and it goes into your pad, so you can play usa/jap games on your uk machine.
you don’t need anything to play backup’s. your machine all ready plays them.



Lik-sang is very trusfull


Hi !
About the chip, here are some screenshots on how to do it…
Not sure about the % of truth but still worth a shot… http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/File/8192/indiceeng.html

Obike Fixx.