Dreamcast Burning Software?

I seen links on several warez sites regarding a Sega Dreamcast Burner prog although when i click on the several sponsers and links 2 try and download i get nothing. IS this just bullshit or does the Dreamcast burning software exist. Somone pls shed some light on this. Thanx.

You are just another sucker!
Don’t feel too bad about it, lots of other suckers about as well.

you’ve been tricked.

i dunno how many times i will have to explain this, but DREAMCAST USES A 1GB DISC! what that means is that you CAN’T copy 1GBs onto 700MB!!! sorry for yelling, but it really is quite simple.

Yeah i know what ur saying i just thought they may discovered some kind of compression util. Never mind. Thanx 4 the info.