Dream Weaver 3 and linking

Hi all, i am using DW3 to design a web page tutorial and i want to know how 2 make a link that opens in a new window.

I tried to make a link to dccopoyword by highlighting the word and selecting make a link. This worked fine but i wanted to make the link open in a new window, so i chose a behaviour and selected open brower window on click.

Now this worked and it did open the link in new window, unfortunately it also opened the link in my previous window and i wanted to avoid this. What i did was to remove the link so i highlighted dccopyworld again and clicked remove link and just kept the behaviour open browser window.

However now when u point the mouse over the the link although the the link opens in a new browser the hand icon doesnt appear any more what am i doing wrong. U can check it out on the link below;


You can have it open a new link by referring to a non existing frame
“target=_blank” is most commonly used.

You can use JavaScript as well, with that you can customize the window that needs openeing (size, toolbars, position etc.), but I would have to look up the scirpt.

You might want to check out:

or do something like this

www.linkhere.com (psssssssst to open in new window hold shift)


Seriously tho, check the link properties, and do as da man said above


click here to goto the news forum. (pops up in you news reader) gots lotsa stuff there.

oh what the hell I looked thru some of them and here is what I found

Make sure that the Property Inspector is open by choosing WINDOW |
Properties, or Ctrl-F3; also make sure that the Behaviors Panel is open by
choosing WINDOW | Behaviors or Shift-F3. With the page open in Dreamweaver,
select the trigger that opens the new window. Look at the Property
inspector and notice that there is an entry in the Link field. Now look at
the Behaviors Panel and note that you probably have an OpenBrowserWindow
behavior attached to the trigger as well. So here’s what’s happening. You
click on the link and it opens the page, plus it triggers the
OpenBrowserWindow to open the page as well. The solution? Remove the link
in the Property Inspector by blanking the field.

Thanx for ur wise words of wisdom guys i appreciatae the time and effort u have put into this subject.

Thanx again ill try it.