Drawing without fysical contact

I’m looking for a solution of which I don’t know wether it exists or not.

The “device” I am looking for has to work like a tablet (digitizer), but without fysical contact. Just one difference, on the surface where the drawings are made, the drawn lines have to be visible.
It also should be abled to clear the surface when commanded by a PC.

I’m thinking of a system equipped with a laser pen, drawing on a surface that is sensible for laser light. Or something…

I hope you get what I mean… this is kinda hard to explain…

The only product which I know is remotely like that was a PROJECTED keyboard. You just had to put your fingers close to where the keys appeared on the table. No moving parts, etc. So it would never break down.

I doubt you are gonna find what you are looking for.

maybe you should build one.