Drawer won't open


Wonder if anyone can help. I have a Liteon Allwright DVD Recorder and out of the blue the drawer won’t open. I have a DVD in it and it will play but I would like to get it out.

When looking at troubleshooting in the book, it tells me to refer to supplier. I bought it from Amazon a couple of years ago, so if I had to take it to a repairer, how would I find one?[/B]

well did you ever try rebooting the PC? … cause usually if something ‘sticks’ like that a simple reboot will solve it… if that dont work, power it down for a minute or two and then back on and see if it will open then.

if that dont work you can power off the PC and stick a paper clip into that small hole in front of the dvd drive as that will FORCE it open :wink:

[B]Thanks for your reply NBR but it’s a stand alone DVD Recorder (like a video recorder) that I use with my tv and there doesn’t seem to be a way to manually open it (well other than taking it apart :D)[/B]

You may need to remove the top to retrieve your dvd however a common problem, atleast in pcs, is the rubber band the drives the drawer breaks…I know you said its stand alone but it may be band driven…when you remove the top you will be able to tell. If so a small rubber band will fix your problem, however if its the plastic gears you may be in a tight spot. let us know