Drawer problem after upgrade

Sorry if i missed this …i looked but didn’t see the question anywhere else;

i upgraded my 32x liteon to a 48x with VS06…seems to work fine but when i insert a disc the drawer opens and closes for about 30 seconds… anything i can do

thanks for any suggestions


Which model do you have?

LTR-32123S = 32x12x40x
rest of system is as follows;

p4 1.6oc@2.4
MSI 845mb
seagate 80hd
gforce 4 vid card
onboard sound
winxp w/service pack 1, v.1065

worked fine befor ug…seems to work alright can burn and stuff…just annoying

thanks again

Generally a LTR-32123S can’t be upgraded to 48x because of the different chipsets.
If I were you I would “upgrade” to the original firmware for 32123S.

problem solved

thanks Madison…your help was much appreciated

back to 32123s with updated firmware so all was not lost

hmmmmmm…lesson learned read all the information
not just the part that sounds good 8)