Dramatic different scan results same disk

I rescanned a disk I had burned and the PI failures tripled and the QS score went down a few points. Hope this isnt a stupid question…what would cause
Sony 50 pk cake dvd+r yuden000t02; dw 1640

How long between scanning ? If you leave a DVD exposed to dust for even a couple of days that could do it. If you scanned the disk and then scanned again immediately you would expect variations but triple ?
I have noticed that a spike can sometimes be cleaned - which simply means that the spike was caused by dirt, finger prints.

If it’s just been a day or so and the disc is clean, I’d consider RMAing the drive. It may be starting to fail…

here’s the 2 scans, one day apart. I don’t see any obvious blemishes or prints.

damn the 2nd attachment won’t post, but its in this thread page 18 4th from bottom. even worse scan 3rd time :frowning:

Sorry without any other facts, I believe that is an overstatement. Too soon to consider that the drive is bad. The scanner, in this case BenQ 1640, only reports what it read, nothing more. You forgot that a disk with clean and smooth surface does not always produce good quality scan.

biikman, this happen only from one disk? I would try to scan another disk that you know the burn quality was good and see what happen.

I’ve just noticed - you are using BSHB - why not update to BSJB before you do any further testing. with a BenQ1640 and Yuden000 T02 I would expect to get 97% plus ,
PIE about 10,000 and PIF of 100 -200 total if burned at 8X

I don’t have any other burns yet, but will make a backup of one of my daughters movies and scan it then rescan. The disk was laying on the desk and not in a case, so maybe some dust, but nothing noticable. Iguess it doesnt take alot, they are very sensitive huh?
BTW here is the original scan post, in this thread, pg 18 4th from bottom


That’s really a big drop in quality… wonder if it will continue to drop?

Have you tried scanning the “bad” disc in another drive. Another BenQ or a Lite On for comparison. It would be interesting to know if the disc is fine elsewhere.

I agree - update your firmware and do some new burns and scans. Test them on other drives if you can.

I don’t have any other dvd burners to test on. I do have a dvd-rom drive but readthats not a very good way to test?

Ok I’ll update the firmware. Just download the file and run it with nothing else running in the back ground?


Check this out:

I’ve been experiencing this with a batch of ridata media I bought. Quality deteriorates from day to day. I Don’t experience this with other brands (even generics) so I assume that it’s the media and not my 1620

That alone tells alot. I’d never trust laying a bare disk directly onto a desk surface (or directly on anything really). In the jewel case, the burned surface is suspended from the inside panel, so nothing comes in contact with it.

I’d suspect the surface may have gotten scratched or picked up some debris or maybe even oils and such on the surface. Double check that surface again to see whether anything happened to it.

Judging from your 2nd scan, esp. check the outer 1/4 edge of the disk. Your 2 scans look almost the same … except from the 3.25 GB mark. Something happened to the last 1.2 GB of area on that disc.

Also, check your computer case and immediate surrounding area for debris. I once had a tiny chunk of a peanut drop into the burner tray, and it gave me a big time scare - ie. a rescan of a disc looked horrific compared to the original. Particles, dust, oils, fingerprints, etc … all can factor into the scan results.

BTW, for those who couldn’t find his scans right away:

His 1st Scan
His 2nd Scan

The suggestions for updating firmware would be a good idea. I think you can do much better than 77,090 PIE total burning at 8x on YUDEN000 T02’s. The PIF total of 359 may be reasonable for your particular batch, but I’d like to see that PIE total drop to <20,000 if possible.

Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.

@ redisol:

I could understand that happening for RITEK media ( note the threads about deterioriating G05’s ). But, I would highly doubt this to be the case for TY media. To go from 359 PIF total to 11,564 PIF total on YUDEN000 T02? I don’t think so. Not in a matter of days - ie. NOT if the discs were kept and stored in good condition. If it wasn’t handled properly, then anything’s game and it has nothing to do with the media.