Drained resources



Please anybody explain thiz! I got Win 98 r1 installed on my systeem (K7@600Mhz, 128MB ram) and I always run out of system resources. When I run three times as much of programs on my PII@350Mhz with 64MB there aren't any problems, but with just the few programs the K7 hangs!!! Anybody know how to fix this? I think the problem is somewhere in Winddoos! I checked my memory and no problems there. No memory holes or whatever!


Try changing the virtual memory…that might do the trick…


me have celeron 466@525 128mb ram

I set my cache to Network server and have 300 mb swap file.

Try that it worked for me.



I tried different virtual memory config’s. That didn’t help. I changed one thing now: I set a swap of at least 300MB. Whould that help? I had at first min: 0MB, max: 2048MB… now that’s 300,2048… I hope it helps because I’m getting desparate. A friend of mine ownes the same system, only with a K7@700Mhz and he’s got the same problems!
Could the rather old version of Windows 98 be the problem?? Should Win98SE do better??


Try using a constant swap file 300 / 300
that should be enough if your not using any heavy graphic programs like photoshop.

Minimum 300 maximum 300.

Upgrading to win98 SE will not help much
Have you got any anti-virus programs running in the background ? I found that Norton antivirus slows things down especially if your on the internet and using auto-protect.

Defragment your hard drive.

Clean up your system registry to get rid of stuff that no longer exists. This can slow down windows alot.

If alot of programs are started with windows this can slow it down too.

To see what is started when windows starts

START—>Programs—>Accessories---->System Tools---->System information /Open Tools tab / system configuration utility / Startup<---- here you will find all programs that start up with windows.

Hope some of this helps



well you could ty it but usually a swap would do it…just make a ghost of your hd and then install a different OS…



I got almost no program running in the back bacause I hate that. The only thing running is my mousedriver because it’s needed for my wheelmouse. Windows has been on my HDD for just a month or something and I didn’t install&throw away that much! When I boot up my system, I got 89% sysresources! The problem is that they fall down way to slow!