Hi everyone,

I recently bought a copy of Dragonshard and have been trying to create a working mini image so that i can store my original disc somewhere safe.

Despite the fact that I have been following the guide on this forum about making safedisc mini images, every single image i have created has failed to work.

ClonyXXL detects copy protection as safedisc 4 and safedisc emulation option on daemon tools is checked as well. I’m using an LG 4082 and a Generic DVD Rom. (both have been used to create images)

I would appreciate it if anyone could give general help, or better yet, provide some specifics on the backing up of this game.


Use the latest Clone CD and back it up into .img, .ccd/.cue and .sub files.

Now, use MiR or alcohol to make .img smaller, aka the mini disk.

place .ccd/.cue and .img and .sub into the same sub category, mount and play!

I think the .sub files contain all the important bad sectors that the New Safedisk 4 uses. The bad sectors are no longer in the first few sectors, but spread out in mutiples part on the cd sector.



are there any special settings that i should take note of? the mini image still doesn’t work when i try to play the game.

do let me know.