Dragon's Lair

I’m searching disperately this game. Plase, help me.:confused:

:wink: I think this one is not released yet.

Take a look at Bluebyte.com and watch for the release date.

The old Parts of this Game Dragon`s Lair 1-3 and Space Ace can be found on different sites.

Take a look on the Internet for Abandon Warez or Games.There u can find thousands of old Games.
There is also a Abondon Games Warez Ring…

Good luck:)


I do have it but the only thing is I’m in the US. If you want me to send it I will. It just might take a little while to get there.

You should probably go out and buy the DVD version of that game because then you can play it on any dvd player…

Very Tnx at all but I want a link where I can download it, please.

Trust me I have it on cd, and it is full too the brim,all 650 meg. As far as I am aware there has never been a ripped version released on the web. I purchased the dragons lair deluxe pack from an american company, and they still exist,I just forgot their URL. Bluebyte.com are working a a 3d version which should be due for release sometime soon, and it has some nice screen shots, what the playability will be like remains to be seen.

GrEeTz FrOm ThE USA(formely from the UK,here till October 7th on vaccation) damm now I have to adapt to UK life once again soon, having been here for almost a month.) :cool: