Dragonball Z Budokai

hey i am trying to make a copy og Dbz budokai and when i put the disk in my 16 x dvd i did a error saying IDE DVD-ROM 16X is not compatable with clone cd read mode " Read Sub Channel Data From Tracks and Extra audio info

also i tryed putting it in my cdrw to read it but its like nothing happens like it cant find a disk

im useing a lite-on 40X12X48X 40125S
and IDE 16X DVD

Clone CD for CD-ROM games… not DVD-ROM games


what so i gota have a dvdrw to copy it ?

yes a DVD Writer
i bought mine from here


Thanks Trunks

Ehh what kind of disc are you trying to read? The error you give is a result of the drive not supporting the reading of SubChannel Data. You can use a DVD-ROM to read CDs with. CloneCD will not work when reading and writing DVD-media even if you buy a DVD-recorder.

where i can download Budokai Tenkaichi 2?