Dragon NaturallySpeaking



Hi is there something of better ?
how can i improve the result ?
which mic should i buy?

some advise are wellcome… :slight_smile:


On the consumer level, Dragon’s one of the best, but it’s also the only one I’ve used. It’s a learning program, so to improve accuracy, you need to put in a lot of training hours. The more you use it, the more accurate it’ll recognize what you said. You can use gaming headsets for Dragon, Sennheiser PC150 looks pretty damn good. I’m using the logitech USB headset for my PS2 to do Dragon bidding right now.


My friend had this software, and I too read all sorts of reviews and rants and raves about it, and as Stoner said its supposed to be one of the best. However, I was very dissappointed and thought the software wasn’t very good at all. Too much training it involved and it still often makes mistakes. I have not encountered any good voice recognition software yet that satisfied me. :frowning:


I Agree. Takes too long to get it set up and you’d have to be pretty dedicated to do it.


I forgot to mention, if you have a heavy accent, or any accent at all, forget about getting this software, it’ll do you no good.