Dragon linux any good?


i would like an opinion on dragon linux . Is it any good? compared to red hat, mandrake and so on.

hmmm someone must know something about it.

No sorry I don’t… already installed a lot of distro’s, but never did dragon.

Are you familiar with Linux?

not really only newbie to linux

Hmm , linux on a windows machine…

in my own personal point of view , one should seperate windows plus their -lookalikes from linux distributions.

i fear this distro is worse than Knoppix

May I advise you to take Mandrake Linux? Mandrake is really user-friendly, quite good and there’s loads of online documentation for Mandrake.

There are good unknown distro’s, but it’s often hard to find documentation, rpms etc etc. The popular distro’s don’t have that lack…

Knoppix? Quite a good distro. Not to work with, but for testing hardware support on systems, to see if Linux could work… or to convince ppl that Linux is not as bad as they think…

i’ve heard a lot about mandrake i will try it. i also have red hat 7.1 as well as dragon

Redhat 7.1 is a good distro, but not extremely linux-newbie friendly. I suggest to download Mandrake 9, if your connection allows these hugh transfers :slight_smile:

i like mandrake.

i installed mandrake 9.0 - 2 cds in 1/2 hour straight - coudnt expect more.

red hat is full of bugs.

2 cd’s hmmm i’m downloading the iso now and there’s 3 cd’s. :slight_smile:

@pps111: I can hardly imagine that Redhat is full of bugs, since Redhat is one of the most used distro’s by professionals

@slayerking: maybe the third disc is documentation? or pps111 made a type?

3rd cd is some International cd - maybe more language support.


Never felt the need for 3rd cd.


well, with redhat 8.0, when i shutdown X - i get a whole bunch of fatal errors…and also the default wont support my motherboard. i have to download kernal updates and fixes.

with mandrake - it fully supported my hardware since version 8.3 :slight_smile:

if i am not mistaken - red hat still natively supports the 386, while mandrake has a different version altogether for 386 & 586.

maybe thats why mandrake is faster for me :confused: :confused:

or maybe i am wrong :bigsmile:


i had installed red hat 7.3 on my friends machine - it was a celeron 600 mhz with 128 mb ram - yeeeks !!! it was thrashing on to hdd like hell !!! gnome use to take ages to load… :a

i could hear the harddisk crawling grrr…grrr…grrr…grrrr :bigsmile:

It’s all about the kernel… hardware not supported? Get an updated kernel, or implement the drivers yourself…

Many devices can be installed by probing them, using modprobe

using mandrake now its pretty cool:cool: