Dragon ball z



does anyone know were i can get a copy ?


Wich copy for what medium,be a little more specified, i have Dragon Ball GT : Final Bout for psx, if you have lots of stuff about dragon ball z, GT mail me plz, i’d like to have all of this. I’m a real fan


I wanted the one for psx . I don’t know much about it my son wanted it . Is there also 1one for pc ?


No, it is only available on other console like psx, super nintendo, but if your interested in the one i have, mail me.


no there isnt a game for the pc BUUUUUUUTTTTTT
there are a hell of a lotta episodes and moviez out
you’ve got the '‘dragonball’‘series [first]
the dragonbalZ series[real lotta episodes over 1000 i think]
and the Dragonball gt series
and then you’ve got all the movies and specials
the cool part is pretty much all is on the net for free
bad part is that most sites have it all on freediskspace
if your interested try out tha black goku’'s:http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Stage/1989/index.htm

it also has a lotta links to full episodes site and just your normal biography fan type sites

or this 1:http://anone.cjb.net/
hope this helps somebody