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Hi all just joined the forum so please excuse if i have posted in the wrong place.

I copied a lot of family photo,s onto dvd+rw disc,s some time ago. Since i put them on disc my pc crashed and a new hard drive was fitted but i no longer had the software “drag to disc” so now i cannot look at them or indeed put them on a more secure medium.
I am looking for the sonic “drag to disc” software so i can temporarily move my photo,s from the dvd,s but cannot find it anywhere.
I have tried the sonic web site but again not very succesful.
Can someone please advise where i might get a copy of the drag to disk or advise if there is another program that might read the dvd,s that were burned with the d2d software?


P Piper


You might try ISOBuster to open the disks. There is a free version available for download, but extracting the files to the hard drive might require the paid version…you’d just have to try it.

@ Mystic Eyes
Thanks for the link but that is DLA “Drive Letter Access” not drag to disc. I have the dla on disc but that was supperceeded by the d2d software but i thank you for trying.

@ Kerry 56
Thank you for your advice i will have a look at that.

P Piper

Kerry I have used the free version to recover files.
DVD disaster is another free program that may recover your files ~
here http://dvdisaster.net/en/download.php

[QUOTE=pied piper;2216673]@ Mystic Eyes
Thanks for the link[B] but that is DLA “Drive Letter Access”[/B] [B]not drag to disc.[/B] I have the dla on disc but that was supperceeded by the d2d software but i thank you for trying…

Hmm, guess I’m missing something.

[I]Sonic DLA description

With this tool installed on your system [B]you can drag and drop files and folders directly onto CD or DVD discs and burn them
Drive Letter Access (DLA) is an invaluable utility [B]that lets you drag-and-drop files from your hard drive to your CD or DVD recorder as easily as you would to a floppy disk.[/B] DLA makes it simple to format discs and save files. And when you’re ready, DLA’s Make Compatible feature lets you share your discs with just about anyone.

Sonic DLA (Drive Letter Access) [B]will enable you to drag and drop your files to a blank disc and burn them in a flash![/B]

IsoBuster will do the trick. Next time stay away from Drag and Drop software.
Once you make disk like that you will not be able to open it with any other version of the same software.
You can close the disk in packet writing software, which will install reader so you can view the disk later on any other machine, but in that case disk will be full (closed), you cannot add stuff any more.

It is confusing i know but when i had my pc (from dell) they supplied a disk with sonic “record now” and software called “dla” drive letter access.
I had a lot of problems with the “dla” and dell e-mailed me “drag and drop” software and when i installed it the software automatically removed the “dla” as it said it was not compatable with the “drag to disc” so it reads like it is the same thing but although it gives the same function “drag and drop” it is different software.
I hope that helps a little.

Back to my problem, i downloaded isobuster free and that will read the files but it will not let me copy them from the disc without paying for the full licence.
Anyone any idea,s ?


Thanks everyone for the advice, i have now used “isobuster” (full version as trial version would only let me look at the files and NOT download them).
All is now ok as i have all my files back.
Now put them on a dvd-r and not a dvd-rw.

pied piper