Drag-to-Disc Problem



I have a new laptop with a Hitachi/LG GWA-4040N drive and Roxio Creator 6 bundled in, and I would like to use it’s drag-to-disc feature. It is fine with my old 1x-4x 650Mb CD-RWs that I had formatted with directCD, and I also succesfully formatted a DVD+RW. The problem is with Memorex 12x 700Mb CD-RWs: they format fine on my desktop’s 48x drive, and I can use them with the Roxio Classic application, but they won’t work with Drag-to-disc in the GWA-4040N drive.

Has anyone been able to get the 10x speed of this drive with drag-to-disc? And if so, what high-speed media works in this drive with drag-to disc?


No replies … it looks like you guys don’t use drag-to-disc much.