Drag N Drop software

I have quite a collection of cd images that id like to simply backup as a data dvd. I have two dvd rewriters and would like to just drag and drop the data to both at the same time for speed. Does anyone know of any suitable software? I have run two instances of alcohol to burn images to both rewriters a the same time.

If I understand you want to burn on two burners at the same time. Nero is able to do this, but for better performance you need two identical burners.

Hey thanks,

One burner is the pioneer DVR106D the other LG GSA4082B.
Do you know which version of nero, there seems to be a few?

For what I know latest build of version 6 ( if I’m correct) should be the best. There is also version 7, but I don’t know if is better or not.

If you use two different burners, max speed you can obtain is max speed of slower burner.


I look into it :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Roxio can do the same as well. Gives you another option.

As for Nero, I’d steer clear of version 7 for some while as there do seem to be problems with it. Version is the one to go for.