Drag & Drop on Nero Linux 3 - Not working

It seems that the drag and drop (drag from the right window to the left window) is not working properly in Nero Linux 3, at least for data CD/DVD… For Audio CD this feature is OK. :confused:
Could anyone confirm this problem? Should we open a Bug Report?

Yes we have some slight pbs with the DnD handling with multiple selection is not working as it should… We are currently working on it.

Thanks mathf!
I can’t wait to get the final version! :cool:

Unfortunately it didn’t make it into the final version, as reported by http://techgage.com/article/nerolinux_3

[I]That’s not to say there isn’t problems though, because there is a rather large annoyance that I have found. I’ll explain it with an example. You have a folder on your computer called Party Tunes, and want to copy over every file within it to the Audio CD panel. Normally, you’d expect to highlight all of the files and drag them over, but that’s not possible here. If you have a group of files selected and click on one to carry them over, it makes the file you just clicked on the primary selection. This doesn’t go for just audio CDs, but data cds and anything that relies on the file manager.

I thought I was due for a life of hardship, but not so. Instead, you need to right-click the area inside of the left panel and choose “Add Files” which brings up your default file manager which -does- allow you to make multiple selections. I find this odd behaviour. What’s the point of the built-in file manager if it only allows you to select one thing at once? You can add entire folders with a data CD, but for music, it’s not possible.[/I]

The problem can be (temporary) fixed if you keep either shift or ctrl pressed when multiple files are selected.