Drag & drop files onto DVD? Works with CD on sony dvd burner

Simple question - should I be able to burn data (photos) onto my new sony AW-G170AB2 DVD burner by dragging and dropping in windows explorer? I can burn CDs this way but not DVDs. get a message saying ‘there is a problem with this file’ The drive can play DVDs OK. Also tried doing it through Picassa and get the same message.

Hi & Welcome.
No, Windows doesn’t handle DVDs in this way. Only works for CDs.

You need something like Nero’s InCD ( :Z ) or Roxio’s DragtoDisk ( :slight_smile: ).

Thanks Tim,
I’ve just ordered Nero premium reloaded which should do the trick.

Welcome Paul:

When Nero premium arrives, see what version it came with. You should keep track of updates via the first address and make use of Nero’s clean tool remover via the second address.


I hope you realised that I think InCD sucks. I’ll never install it on my systems.

I second to that.

Thanks all, got Nero now and it works fine.

Thanks all, got Nero and it works fine.