Drag & Drop DVD formats

Help is mucho appreciated on this one! I am on the verge of buying a DVD writer but need advice on drag and drop formats. I only need data backup but love the ability to selectively delete files without reformatting. I use UDF on my old CD-RW but it loses over 100MB of space for the privilege. Questions are: is it still useable on DVD or are there better alternatives? Does it work with Dual Layer? The Ricoh 5240 supports Mount Rainier but no new drives support this - has DVD-MRW died a death then? Thanks! :doh:

Packet writing programs (what you’re describing) are horrible and unreliable. I’m sure I’ll be flamed for this, but seriously - discs costs a quarter apiece now, just burn normally like the rest of us. Your machine will be more stable and you’ll be happier.