Drag & Drop CD burn in WIN2K?

Is there a way to drag & drop to a drive letter & burn a CD with WIN2K, much like is done in XP? I’m trying to find a solution to allow a user at an event to make a CD of a few images taken at that event quickly & with as few clicks as possible. The problem is that not all of my PC’s have XP on them and I wanted to avoid purchase of new XP boxes just for this one (simple?) feature. Thanks for all input. TommyT.

It is called pocket writing and you need software which will format your CD to except this. You can use NERO or ROXIO, they both support it. Only problem with this is that if you will get different version of the same software the disk may not be readable any more.
Most people stay away from this.
It is safer just to burn the file and leave CD open so you can add more files later. You cannot put as many files on CD this way, but at $0.20 per CD who cares.

Thanks for your quick reply. Just to make sure I understand what’s involved, I need to install an application to allow me to do this. This app would require that each time I want to burn a cd (drag & drop or right click & send to CD drive) the app would have to format the CD to allow writing, then the burn, then close the disk so I can use it on other PC’s. But, it may not be compatible with all other machines because they may have a different version of software? I’m sorry to break it down so much but I need to make sure what is involved. My boss wants to try this route rather than buy newer XP machines. I don’t think it’s the best way to go due to some of the points you made (format the CD & compatibility issues) but of course he is hesitant to spend dollars if there is a way to accomplish this using WIN2K. How much of a performance hit does the PC take while doing this? Can you realistically do anything else while this is being done? And does the format take awhile to complete before you can burn? Thanks again for your insite.

Packet writing like with Incd, drag to disc and others.

Disk is formatted only once. It takes about 1/2 hour. Than you can use it to add to it by dragging. If you want to use the same disk on other machine and add files there, you will need same software installed on that machine. At this point the disk is not closed. If you will give that disk to somebody else, without software on there machine, you will have to close the disk, no more dragging after that. In that instance the software will add small utility to a disk which will allow it to be red on any computer??? This is according to instructions, but it seldom works. In that case IsoBuster software will be able to open it.
In your case I think it will be faster to have a folder on your drive and store there everything you need, than at the end burn it to CD for distribution.

Thanks to you both I have a good handle on what to do. I tried the InCd app & that seems to do what we are looking for. I have a folder with the images needed to burn to disk, I highlight them all, right click & send to In Cd and the app opens with the files already added so I just need to click on burn. It really only takes a minute or so to complete and I haven’t had any compatiblity issues (yet) but have only tried the finished cd on a few machines. Thanks again for your help! TommyT.