Drag and drop video_ts folder?

Hi all,
I’m trying to backup some old DVD-R’s.
Can I just drag and drop the Video_TS folder to the Desktop and then burn it with Nero? Do you guys recommend this method? And most importantly would the quality be higher if I were to use a Dvd Copying program?

thanks to anyone who might clear this up for me

Since they are copied discs (which means no copy protection), you CAN just ‘drag and drop’ the files. Having said that, there are better alternatives to doing it this way. I would suggest DVD Decrypter, simply copy the disc as a single .ISO image file, then burn that file with DVD Decrypter, ImgBurn, or Nero (or others). Also, with Nero you can just copy the disc, just don’t select ‘on the fly’ and it will temporarily copy the files to your Hard Drive as it creates a copy of the disc, then it will delete them after the completed burn. I prefer DVD Decrypter but the end result will be identical to the original regardless. With DVD Decrypter, select ‘Mode - ISO Read’ to copy the disc to the Hard Drive as an .ISO Image file, then ‘Mode - ISO Write’ to burn a copy.

I would not use the drag and drop method. Treat your old DvD-R’s as if they were DvD’s and rip a new image of them, then reburn. At this point it really does not matter what burning program you use. ( DvD Shrink,DvD Decypter,etc) Assuming that you have already stripped the copy protections the first time around there should be no use for a program like AnyDvD.

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More important at this point would be to use quality media if you’d like quality backups.

I’m using Taiyo Yuden 16x and usually burn at around 8x. Plextools scan come out pretty good afterwards.
I decided to use DVDDecrypter. Takes around the same time and looks pretty much the same as the original. Guess its better to be safe than sorry!
Glad I got that out of the way, thanks guys!