Drag and Drop files out of order?

In windows, let’s say you want to drag and drop a dozen files (called song01.mp3 through song12.mp3) into Winamp. If you select the files starting with the first one (song01), and drag and drop them, it will ALWAYS drop them in OUT OF ORDER, with the last (song12) in the first slot!

But if you select them backwards (i.e. select 12 first then up towards 01) it will work properly.


And how do we fix it?

why blame MS, they dont make winamp?

It’s prob just a bug in your version

No, Winamp was just an example. Try it with Windows media player, or acdsee, or photoshop. It happens ALWAYS.

If you select file01.jpg, then file02.jpg, then file03.jpg and drag them to Photoshop, it will open file03 FIRST, then 02, then 01.

The workaround is to select them backwards… from bottom to top. Then Windows gets it right. The question is WHY does windows do this, and HOW can we fix it?

That’s simple to answer Windows is backwards in everything and behind the times.

Thats also simple to answer stop using windows and try This a real OS going forward and not backwards.

My Gosh you’re right - the “re-ordering” in windows has driven me nuts for years…and I never thought to select the last item first. Thanks Gurm for the “Windows” work around.

Actually… I found out something ELSE.

It puts the one you DRAG first.

So let’s say you select all of them, top to bottom. Then you grab the BOTTOM one to drag. You get the bottom one first. It’s sensible, really - you let go of the button for selecting, then click immediately to begin dragging.

If you drag from the middle, it’s even worse! Let’s say you grab file 4… then in the target window you’ll get 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3!

The only semblance of an answer I can find anywhere is that MS did this ON PURPOSE to make it so that when you drag a bunch of sorted files you can specifically choose to have one of them open first. RIIIIIIIIGHT. Ridiculous if you ask me.

One reason may be in the way the files are named. To get files to sort in the right order all the names should have the same number of numerical digits. That is if they are numbered xxx01, xxx02 … xxxnn then usually they will sort correctly. As to why MS decides to transfer a block of selected titles in any order who knows :doh: .

Yes, it’s a real mystery.

When I do “ctrl-a” on a directory and drag and drop the files, I EXPECT that the files will be transferred IN ORDER, starting with the first… not out of order, starting with the one I happened to grab!